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Benefits of working in ITECO

ITECO grows rapidly; we actively develop new areas of activity, enhance the ones already existing and enlarge our network. Hence, we need qualified staff, skilled hands and bright heads. If you are ready to grow with us and the word “responsibility” isn’t an empty sound for you, feel free to contact us.

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Jobs in ITECO:

Clever, responsible and initiative people are the main resource of ITECO. Therefore, we treat our role as employer very responsibly and guarantee good work conditions and competitive salaries. All our staff receives full social package, including annual leave and sickness compensation, medical and social insurance. Besides that, ITECO compensates its employees' expenses for catering and mobile communications during working hours. Our drivers’ and cargo forwarders’ life and health are insured in the largest insurance company. In case you don’t find a suitable vacancy, email us on e-mail concerning your skills and experience, and we will find you a decent place in ITECO team.

We are closer than you think! Just call our hotline +7 495 933 84 48

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