ITECO Corporation


ITECO is a large modern corporation operating throughout Russia and beyond. Every day we purchase goods necessary for our company operations from the best suppliers. We are looking for partners who will demonstrate the highest attention to our needs, who will be ready to meet our demands with efficiency and reasonable price. The items we regularly purchase and the prices we pay for them are listed below. If your company is ready to offer us the best price or better quality’ goods for the same money, we will be happy to collaborate! Additionally, we provide a list of recent tenders and invite all the concerned companies to participate.

Description Contact us Purchase period Estimated costs

Computer equipment, office appliances and supplies purchase bidding

Placed at the beginning of each month.
System unit (Intel i3-2100, mb with PCI, int, 2 Gb, 250 Gb, no DVD)

  • MFU Kyocera FS-2035MFP/DP 
  • Filters/stabilizer (filter BURO 600-6ft Black, 1.8 м, 6 sockets)
  • Mouse Logitech B110 Optical Mouse Black USB
  • Keyboard Logitech K200 for business USB
  • Fax Panasonic KX-FT982RU-B
  • Monitor BenQ 21,5" G2255A, Black
Andrey Vasin Estimated cost 10-15 million Roubles


  • Paper (А4, 80 g/m, 500 s, 96%) HP Office
  • Printer’ rolls 210*25*100 whiteness type OPTIMA, sq. 60-65 g/sq.m.
  • Printer’ rolls 360*18*70 whiteness type OPTIMA, sq. 60-65 g/sq.m..
  • Receipt tape 69*18*60 whiteness type OPTIMA, sq. 60-65 g/sq.m.
  • Self-binder white. coated. 236*315
  • Cover «Дело» ("File") w/swift. coated. 236*315
Nizhny Novgorod, Lesnaya str. 5

Телефон:(831) 257-64-04
Estimated cost 30 000 Roubles per month


General conditions of the contract awarded upon the bidding results are listed below:

  • Products must conform to ГОСТ
  • Products’ quality must be confirmed by technical and compliance certificates
  • Shipping terms: January-December 2012

Alexey Malykhin
Head of procurement department
Nizhny Novgorod


Estimated cost 30 million Roubles
Continuity and shipping to garage

Alexey Malykhin
Head of procurement department
Nizhny Novgorod


Estimated cost 400-500 000 Roubles per month
Spare parts – prompt delivery and response to our requests. High quality of supplies required.

Alexey Malykhin
Head of procurement department
Nizhny Novgorod


Estimated cost Volume 2+ million Roubles
We are closer than you think! Just call our hotline +7 495 933 84 48

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