ITECO Corporation

Customs clearance with ITECO. It’s convenient to be with us!

Customs broker companies offer customs clearance service range, helping to save time and avoid costly mistakes in complicated customs procedures.

ITECO is legally competent customs broker and performs an entire international freight operation complex.

We will help you to receive all the necessary customs documents:

Cargo import and export licenses and permits, including temporary import and transit through RF and Europe territory.

Conformity, sanitary and veterinary certificates, refusal letters, appraisers’ and laboratory’ opinion letters.

Classification decisions, various level customs’ authorities approvals and permits.

We determine cargo codes in FEACO, cargo customs value and customs duties. Our service range includes full consulting range concerning FEA, legal and individual customs affairs including logistics scheme development and possible customs duties payment privileges. We will organize cargo shipment by customs carrier; provide temporary storage or customs warehouse services if customs clearance is necessary. We provide warehousing and cargo shipping to the final consumer after goods are released in free circulation.

Why choose ITECO?

  1. Branches

    Wide ITECO geography enables rapid and efficient operations throughout the entire Russian territory without mediators.

  2. Admissions

    Having all the admissions, ITECO offers complex services, absolving customers from dealing with multiple mediators.

  3. Resources

    Being the largest customs broker, ITECO bears resources and abilities inaccessible to smaller companies.

  4. Bank guarantee

    ITECO offers the most secure risk assurance – 1 million Euro bank guarantee in case it breaches its obligations; that is much safer than warranty.

Customs transportation

ITECO customs broker

Freight services

ITECO customs broker – full range of services including customs shipping and freight services throughout Russia and other countries.

The full range of customs services provided by ITECO enables complex and simultaneous solutions for all the customs issues! As a vehicle fleet owner, ITECO guarantees transport availability at the time specified; the cargo will be removed and shipped according to the terms required. Price for the full service range is announced by our manager. Receiving the full customs service package in ITECO, you save time, money and reduce possible risks of working with multiple companies!

  1. Cargo reception
  2. Shipping to customs warehouse
  3. Shipping to customs warehouse
  4. Shipping to customs warehouse
  5. Shipping throughout Russia and other countries
We are closer than you think! Just call our free hotline 8 800 700 84 48

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