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ITECO is the winner of the "Logistics of the Year" award

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On July 21, the ceremony of presenting the national award "Logistics of the Year", which is called the oldest in the industry, was held in Moscow: this year the award is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

RBC included ITECO among the fastest growing companies in Russia

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Rosbusinessconsulting (RBC) has published its own rating of the fastest growing companies in the country. The criterion for getting into it was an annual growth of at least 20% over 3 years. ITECO ranked 15th in the list of fifty leading companies in terms of growth.

ITECO brought the country's main skating rink to Red Square

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Being one of the largest transport companies and a backbone organization of the country's transport complex, ITECO completed one of the most emblematic orders of the year - it delivered a complex of ice skating rink buildings and a fair to Moscow to be installed on Red Square on the eve of the New Year holidays.

ITECO participates in the conference “PRO // Movement. Volga region"

Press office

Transport and logistics conference “PRO // Movement. Volga region” was held in Samara. It was called the main event of the Volga Federal District in the development of railway logistics in the Volga region. The conference was attended by representatives of railways, cargo owners, transport and logistics companies and government authorities.

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